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For those who desire a more extended lighthouse top experience than a visit to one of our Open House days, Goose Rocks can accommodate up to 6 guests for an all-day or overnight visit as a token of appreciation to those who support our mission of lighthouse preservation. Beacon Preservation is working to complete the renovation of Goose Rocks and streamline its availability for guests, so that "Keeper Stays" [ see Frequently Asked Questions for full details ] can continue to fund 100% of its expensive restoration and upkeep and ensure its future survival. 

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Over the past decade, we have been thrilled to realize our goal of installing a self-sustaining solar energy electrical system with the support of "Be A Keeper" donation-stays. THANK YOU to all our keepers for your generosity. The addition of solar-powered electricity has been a fantastic accomplishment (no more hauling gas to the noisy generator). In the next few years, we are hoping to carefully restore and paint the base of the lighthouse to install a reverse-osmosis water desalinization system so that we can undertake our bathroom and kitchen restoration plans. Imagine having hot and cold running water to wash dishes or take a shower! This is a massive undertaking and we need to raise at least $60,000 to complete the restoration.

To that end, we are structuring our "Keeper Experience" rates to maximize our fund-raising goals for the kitchen and bathroom projects, while also keeping it affordable enough for thos are willing to book last-minute or who don't mind overlooking the chaos in the basement while the projects are in progress.

Remember, your donation is tax-deductible, and it is important that keepers truly understand that each donation is exactly that: you are not renting accommodation, you are preserving a lighthouse. A generous and charitable ethos is the key to enjoying a wonderful experience at Goose Rocks. We are not an Airbnb-style accommodation; we are a preservation project that you choose to support with a tax-deductible donation, and your time at Goose Rock Light is our way of showing our gratitude to those donors who are deemed appropriate for a stay.

While we surface from three years of pandemic "pause" on our projects, your financial support is more important to our future than ever. Stays for the 2023 season will be scheduled starting in April, but your donationsin any amount, whether you plan to visit or not, are always welcome.

Your donation entitles a party of up to four family and/or friends to enjoy Goose Rocks for up to 24 hours on any available date from May through August. The donation requirements listed are for parties of two; we suggest an additional $100 per person additional donation for extra people. Larger groups (5-12) are welcome for "Day Visits" if you want to host a picnic on the lighthouse during daylight hours but not stay overnight. Keep in mind that there are no partial "deposits" taken and no refunds due to cancellation by donor or inclement weather/safety concerns. We are reasonable, but safety-conscious. Beacon will offer a raincheck for a future date for your visit if weather wipes out the possibility of safe transportation (our call) or otherwise allow you to reschedule your stay with at least 3-days notice if illness or exigent circumstances force you to cancel. Because you are not renting or purchasing anything, there are no additional taxes or fees. Your contribution to our mission of lighthouse preservation is exactly that: a charitable donation.

See our "Frequently Asked Questions" for all the details about getting to North Haven, Maine and how Goose Rock supporters are able to avail themselves of a lighthouse stay by permission (we need to chat with you first and make certain this is the RIGHT experience for you!). You are not just getting a lighthouse, you are getting a keeper experience. Assuming weather is amenable, our lighthouse keeper will meet you at the Maine State Ferry in North Haven (they depart Rockland at 9:30, 2:15, and 5:15 and then transport you by boat to Goose Rock Light. We help you haul up your food and belongings, and arrive the next day to take you by boat back to the ferry (departures at 7:30, 12:30, and 5:15). Your Keeper's Experience contribution truly helps preserve Goose Rocks while also offsetting the unusual "offshore lighthouse" expenses of staffing, boat maintenance and transportation, and the laundry/housekeeping that are needed to make your stay at Goose Rocks enjoyable.

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