Are children and pets allowed at Goose Rocks?

Unfortunately, children and pets are generally not appropriate for an offshore lighthouse. Safety is our primary concern at Goose Rocks, and the naturally playful and inquisitive nature of children makes the offshore nature of Goose Rocks—particularly with its vertical ladder access and three elevated catwalks— inappropriate for children and pets during extended stays. Quite simply, we don't want anyone to ever "fall overboard" while at Goose Rocks, and children and pets are the most likely to suffer such an accident.

This is particularly true for special events:  Because celebrations promote social activities which often leave adults distracted and children unsupervised, children under 18 years of age cannot be permitted at the lighthouse during special events.

Possible liability for potential accidents has caused us to limit visits to those over 18, but we reserve the right to refuse access to anyone we believe might pose an unreasonable risk of potential harm to themselves or others. All visitors are required to sign statements acknowledging informed consent and assuming all risk involved in visiting Goose Rocks, agree to hold Beacon Preservation, Inc. harmless in the event of mishap, and waive liability for Beacon Preservation and its directors in case of accident or injury. If you have extremely well-behaved children who are already known to us and/or nearing the age of 18, contact us in advance to discuss whether an exception can be made with the provision of additional waivers and special orientation sessions.

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