If we visit Goose Rocks and there’s an emergency, what do we do?

Remember, for REAL medical emergencies you always just dial 911 from your cell phone or use Goose Rocks' radio transmitter to call for help. Though cell phone service is not terribly strong on Goose Rocks, Verizon, AT&T, and US Cellular all receive service (and the signal is stronger on the exterior decks of the lighthouse).

Because of the serious logistical challenge of getting emergency medical services to Goose Rocks, guests should be absolutely certain that a serious medical emergency exists before calling for help, or they will be held financially responsible for all costs incurred in summoning help for a non-medical "emergency." We know that weather conditions which might make contact to North Haven difficult, so back-up supplies of food, water, batteries, propane, etc. are always on hand in case weather or sea conditions delay your pick-up and departure from the lighthouse. In case of a storm, keep in mind that the lighthouse is perhaps the safest place to be—it has stood strong for nearly 120 years, and was designed to be the pinnacle of safety for its keepers and a refuge for the mariners it guides.

Always leave your schedule flexible for getting back to the mainland.  Unanticipated problems DO pop up on an island:  the ferry may leave early in case it needs to transport a medical emergency, weather conditions or boat trouble can double the time it takes to get to the ferry, forgotten items (car keys, cell phones) in the lighthouse that need to be retrieved, etc.—all can make you miss your departure ferry even with the best planning.  Remember your upbeat attitude, and just know that everything generally works out! Try not to schedule appointments or flights that are dependent on an exact ferry departure time.

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