Is Goose Rocks rented out like a hotel or “Bed & Breakfast?”

Goose Rocks is not an inn or B&B.  Goose Rocks is, however, available for visits through a partnership between the non-profit organization, Beacon Preservation, Inc. and the management of Parrish House, Inc., whose mission is to restore and preserve Goose Rocks to a "habitable lighthouse keeper's quarters and museum" for visitors to enjoy. Goose Rocks is an offshore lighthouse completely surrounded by water, so –depending on time of year-- access can be extremely treacherous and must be carefully controlled to ensure the safety of visitors and protection of the immediate environment.

Because we cannot safely or feasibly operate this lighthouse as a museum open to the general public, and because the structure is so expensive to upkeep and maintain, we need to maximize our ability to preserve lighthouses while still allowing careful and limited access for true lighthouse enthusiasts.

Visitors do not "rent" Goose Rocks and Beacon Preservation, Inc. is not in the accommodations business. Rather, we allow our supporters to enjoy the experience of visiting Goose Rocks as our guests as "Keepers" and stewards of Goose Rocks, and our trusted Keepers (especially returning guests) can enjoy Goose Rocks at their leisure after initial orientation by a member of our Board.

Because there are so few opportunities to visit and stay in an operating lighthouse, interest in the Goose Rocks "keepers' experience" is high. The exact dates and length of a visit are determined by the generosity of your contribution in set by the market demand for visits at different times of the year. Please see our minimum contribution schedule for details on exclusive visits between May and October.

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