Is there housekeeping service?

No. The keeper's experience is exactly that: a means of enjoying a simple existence of peaceful solitude just as the lighthouse keepers did in the past. Guests are expected to respect the lighthouse property and furnishings and keep all areas tidy and clean, washing their own dishes, making their own beds, and dusting or vacuuming as needed. Guests will find the lighthouse clean and orderly when they arrive, and are expected to leave it just as clean and orderly upon departure.

Conserve our fresh water (we have to transport it all by hand until the reverse osmosis system is installed!) by using only ocean water to wash dishes, hands and faces, or boil lobster.  A splash of fresh water over the clean dishes is always good for a final rinse, but bottled water should only be used for drinking. 

Linens are provided and will be changed and laundered between visits, but extra bedding is stored in each bedroom if guests choose to change their own sheets during their stays.  It is always helpful if, just before departing, you can strip the beds that have been slept it, and bund the used sheets and pillowcases so that we can take them off the lighthouse for laundering.  Don't make your bed before you leave, we will assume it wasn't slept in!

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