What about handicap accessibility and medical emergencies?

Access to Goose Rocks includes real risks, and a safe and enjoyable visit is always dependent on guests' physical and mental ability to climb a vertical ladder (from a boat) to the catwalk for initial access. Even with spotters and handlers on the boat and ladder landing, there is always a risk of losing balance or slipping. Strong and hardy guests are welcome at Goose Rocks in consonance with our dedication to protecting visitor health and safety at all times. Unfortunately, the threat of liability balanced against the genuine physical demands of alighting Goose Rocks precludes us from allowing access to children under 18 or adults with physical challenges, behavioral issues (disregard for safety or rules), or inappropriate health or mental conditions.

North Haven's Medical Services Board manages a competent team of EMTs and first responders and offers the services of an island-resident nurse who is stationed at the North Haven Clinic. . Genuine medical emergencies can be handled by calling 911 should the need arise.

If you're planning an event and concerned about guests' ability to alight the lighthouse, remember that it is your responsibility to prescreen your own event guests to ensure they can climb the ladder. Your event guests are YOUR responsibility. Goose Rocks is NOT an appropriate venue for physically-challenged guests who cannot walk, climb stairs, or climb ladders, nor for those with heart conditions, vertigo, anxiety disorders, history of seizure or stroke, etc.

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