What about meals and food during my Keeper’s Experience?

You are responsible for your own food and provisions while visiting Goose Rocks, but rest assured that all the basics are in place. The fully-equipped kitchen includes all dishes, utensils, and cookware. Basic cooking supplies (spices, oils, vinegars, salt and pepper, sugar, coffee, etc) and cleaning supplies are on hand. We supply fresh spring water in jugs for drinking (though you are free to bring your own bottled water),  but we encourage you to bring all the ingredients for your own freshly-prepared meals with you.

At Goose Rocks, there is a full-sized 3-burner Weber grill (with side burner) for outside cooking, and a 2-oven Aga cooker in the Keep (to be operable in 2014).. A dorm-sized refrigerator to keep produce and milk fresh, but often an old-fashioned cooler (with a few inches of naturally-chilled ocean water in the bottom) is sufficient to keep beverages and other items cold while also conserving energy.

Prior to boarding the ferry, visitors can buy provisions at the Shaw's or Hannaford supermarkets (just 1-2 miles north of the Rockland ferry terminal on Route 1), or purchase goods on North Haven at our small but impressively well-stocked North Haven Grocery. In July, August, and September, Cooper's Landing take-out (directly facing the North Haven Ferry terminal) provides excellent prepared dishes such as salads, wraps, burgers, sandwiches, and side dishes as well as locally-grown produce. If you prefer not to cook, get your dinner-to-go from Cooper's Landing to take with you to Goose Rocks. For the full  restaurant experience on North Haven, you'll need a reservation for the farm-to-plate dining room at Nebo Lodge, a short two-block walk from the ferry.

Finally, consider enjoying traditional lobster at Goose Rocks by buying your lobster from the historic Brown's Boatyard (just to the right as you get off the ferry)  once you arrive in North Haven. Fresh island oysters are available at Adam Campbell's Oyster Farm (13 for $10), just ask us to take you there before heading to Goose Rocks.

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