What if I arrive on my own boat or bring my own boat in order to get to and from the lighthouse?

We welcome experienced mariners and sailors who wish to use their own boat transportation to get to Goose Rocks. Still, we will arrange to meet you at North Haven Town dock to have you follow us to the lighthouse, or directly in the Fox Island Thorofare (for larger sailboats) at Goose Rocks, where we will show you how to moor your vessel for overnight stays or tie-up to the lighthouse ladder temporarily for unloading. The convenience of bringing your own boat is particularly useful during week-long stays where visitors may want to take day trips back and forth to North Haven, or visit Vinalhaven, Matinicus, Isle a Haut, or the Acadia region to the east of Goose Rocks.

For those who do NOT have their own boat and find themselves getting stir-crazy during a week-long stay, we can arrange day trips to North Haven (where we will pick you up and return you to the lighthouse in our boat or send an employee from Brown's Boatyard (either option costs $50 each way) if you need recreational activities or grocery-shopping.

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