What if I can’t afford your minimum contribution but I am really passionate about lighthouses and want to stay at Goose Rocks?

First, remember that Goose Rocks offers several free "Lighthouse Day" Open House events each summer. Check our website often for exact dates, as they are often determined on short notice depending on weather conditions. If you do not have a boat or kayak to come to Goose Rocks on Lighthouse Day, check with Foy Brown at the J.O. Brown Boatyard (just next to North Haven's ferry terminal) for boat transportation to and from Goose Rocks.

Feel free to contact us if you have last-minute plans to be in the mid-coast Maine area. If we have an open date(s) or sudden reservation cancellation and can accommodate you around our contractors' schedules, you can try for a "last minute lotto" rate of $500 for up to six people.  

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