What is there to do during my stay?

The point of the Keeper's Experience is to absorb the beauty of the outdoor scenery and soak in the uniquely peaceful experience of being completely surrounded by water and nature. We encourage you to determine your own balance of relaxation and activity and plan accordingly. There are  plenty of books, playing cards, games, chess and backgammon,  and  some art supplies (water colors and pastels),  as well as a set of good binoculars for watching wildlife from the decks.   For traditionalists, there is a 120- year old wind-up Edison diamond disc player, with about 30 diamond disks to choose from for a truly historical listening experience.

We have limited electrical supply from our solar panel system, but it is enough to charge your cell phone, laptop, or tablet if you want to use such devices for entertainment during your stay.  We have some DVDs on hand if you bring your own laptop, but we encourage you to bring your own DVDs since there is generally not enough signal to download movies or music via cellular service.  There is no wi-fi at Goose Rocks.

Mostly, we encourage visitors to spend as much time as possible outside on a deck, enjoying the view from a hammock or Adirondack chair. Feel free to bring your own books and reading material, journal or laptop, music or Ipod, camera, binoculars, fishing pole, knitting, whittling, and art supplies. Between the visiting harbor seals, passing schooners, and waving sailors, we're not sure why anyone would prefer internet or television!

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