Online Donations

Donations can now be easily made online with your choice of Visa, MasterCard, Discover, or American Express. Our Donation Page has several options for giving. If your donation is a tribute or in memorial to someone, we will send a card with your message to whom ever you choose.

You can reduce your donation by $50 if you plan on bringing your own bed linens (queen sized sheets and pillowcases and/or sleeping bags and pillow cases) for your beds!

Weekend Lighthouse Keeper

(Weekend Visit, Friday through Sunday)

$1000.00 per night for 2 people


Weekday Lighthouse Keeper

(Weekday Visit, Monday through Thursday)

$800.00 per night for 2 people

Last Minute Bookings 

24-48 hours in advance, based on availability

$600.00 per night for 2 people

Day Visits

Based on availability for up to 4 people

$600.00 per night for 2 people

Extra Guest(s)

(2 people included in the Lighthouse Keeper visit. )

$100.00 per night per person
Beacon Preservation Lighthouse Preservation Fund  Amount of your choice
Gifts in Kind (see our wish list for ideas) Amount of your choice

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