About Goose Rocks

In November 2006, Beacon Preservation took over the preservation and management of Goose Rocks Lighthouse off North Haven, Maine. Goose Rocks is a 51-foot “spark plug” or “coffeepot” design cast iron offshore lighthouse. Located in Fox Island Thorofare between North Haven and Vinalhaven, Maine, Goose Rocks was built in 1890.

The lighthouse has floors inside the cast iron circular shell, most of which is lined with brick walls unless otherwise noted. When possible, a balance of original detail, historic accuracy, and modern safety and convenience have allowed us to furnish most of the lighthouse with antiques and décor appropriate to the turn-of-the-century era in which Goose Rocks was built. Scrapbooks, prints, and showcased mementos from Goose Rocks make it a habitable museum to be wandered and appreciated.

During the summer, Beacon Preservation features several “Lighthouse Day” open house events that allow the public to visit and walk through Goose Rocks at no cost—although donations are always welcome! Refreshments are served, descendents of lighthouse keepers are on hand to recount their ancestor’s nautical tales, and all visitors are free to enjoy the history of Goose Rocks, learn about our sustainable energy system plans, sit and read in the parlor, or even set up an easel on a deck and paint the scenery. It is our small way of thanking our supporters and community while ensuring that lighthouses remain accessible to the public.

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